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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mitt and Paul, sitting in a tree

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Ryan and Romney in Norfolk
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  • Ryan and Romney in Norfolk
During their first 48 hours as a ticket, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan "often seemed like a pair of long-lost, hyper-earnest, spreadsheet-loving cousins," reporter Michael Barbaro observes in the New York Times today. Not the kind that would get between the spreadsheets, of course—but still, "they rarely left each other's sight, exchanging hugs, backslaps and knowing smiles." They did everything two men can do with each other, except.

The Romney-Ryan liaison is "the most closely watched bromance in American politics," Barbaro writes. And you know it's a crowded field.

Romney chose Ryan to make the ticket more diverse. Their differences were apparent the moment Romney introduced his new best friend Saturday in Norfolk, Virginia. Romney wore a tie with no sport coat, while Ryan wore a sport coat with no tie. Romney is a big-government-loathing Mormon, and Ryan is a big-government-loathing Catholic. One of them is undoubtedly darker-complected.

Both are rich, but Ryan is not in the same limo as his new soul mate. Ryan lives in the most humble mansion in Janesville, Wisconsin. He knows how the other half of the one percent live. In personal wealth, Romney-Ryan represent a far broader spectrum ($250 million for the old bro, between $2 million and $8 million for the young one) than do President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden ($6 million for the prez, and less than $1 million for the veep).

In a rally Saturday in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the newly betrothed couple set a record for a presidential ticket when they wept openly on a stage at the same instant. Both were moved by the welcoming ovation Ryan received—and crying, of course, is a bromance language. "Tears filled my eyes," Romney said after the event, in case anyone missed them. If the bromantics win, the poor may lose their safety net, but at least they'll probably get tissues.

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