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Monday, August 13, 2012

12 O'Clock Track: Phat Deuce, "Bubble Di Sistem"

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Though Swedish producer Phat Deuce released "Bubble Di System" in May via Diplo-related free-music online label Jeffree's—right after I'd finished writing an article about the label—I didn't download it, mostly because, seriously, if there's a producer's alias that makes hippie jam bands seem like Nobel-worthy geniuses at coming up with cool names, it's "Phat Deuce." But during a recent trip down the Soundcloud rabbit hole, I ran across it again and gave it a try, and now I get why Diplo would dig this. The track brings to mind several different types of dance music (dancehall, its European descendant bubbling, rave techno) without conforming to the stylistic rules of any—plus the nagging synth line on top of the whole thing, which should be hella annoying (imagine a car alarm high on MDMA), turns out to be wildly addictive. The rest of Phat Deuce's Soundcloud is full of similarly good stuff.

I also like that, according to Jeffree's, he only had 46 followers on Soundcloud when they put out "Bubble Di System" and he was sending them two or three "weird ass tracks" a week. I would like to believe that Phat Deuce doesn't know enough English to understand how terrible his stage name is, but the cramazing artwork for the single pretty much shattered that particular fantasy.

Oh well. The track, available after the jump, still bangs hard.

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