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Friday, June 15, 2012

Reader story airs as Wicked Attraction episode

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Investigation Discoverys Lust for Life
  • Investigation Discovery's Lust for Life
Sienky Lallemand is a man with a unique name and hustle. Using his wicked good looks, Lallemand preys on women and men who have everything to lose. He graduates from credit card and bank fraud to extortion and eventually the cold, calculated murder of his girlfriend's husband, Marcus Toney. Together, Lallemand and Lisa Toney hatch an 'explosive' plan. But this isn't the only scheme Lallemand will hatch, or the only woman he will swindle . . .

That's the description for an Investigation Discovery Wicked Attraction episode, premiering Saturday, June 16, at 9 PM.

The episode, "Lust for Life," is based on "Seduced," Joy Bergmann's fascinating 2002 Reader story about con man Sienky Lallemand. It involves sex, blackmail, greed, fraud, and murder. Which makes me wonder what the heck took so long to get this story to any screen, whether big or small.

Bergmann became intrigued by the story when she saw a brief write-up in the Tribune: "Its brevity was noteworthy because it breezed through bizarre details involving a female impersonator, an explosives-savvy Eminem-wannabe counterfeiter, a high-level Ameritech manager, a hanger-on named Jessie Jackson, an accountant with the TV show COPS, and a mastermind with a criminal past steeped in sexual cunning," she wrote.

Then she followed up with Lallemand himself:

Two Decembers ago he and I began a correspondence. In a series of startlingly eloquent letters that filled 50 pages with personal philosophy supported by quotes from Wilde, Keats, Rimbaud, Eliot, and Whitman, Sienky attempted to explain himself without broaching his case. During one florid burst, he laid bare his modus operandi: "I simply tap into the emotions of an individual . . . and seize control."

He tried to play me, too.

Read the whole sordid tale here. And if you don't know which of your TV channels carries Wicked Attraction, go here.

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