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Friday, March 30, 2012

Frei Designs springs forward

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 12:36 PM

For her spring 2012 collection, Anne Novotny of Frei Designs was inspired by images of geishas from the 30s and Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits from the 40s—the result is clothing that brims with color and texture, special yet simple basics that can find a home in any lady’s wardrobe.

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12 O'Clock Track: Mutilation Rites, "Blood Will Tell"

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 12:00 PM

The cover of I Am Legion
  • The cover of I Am Legion
Brooklyn-based blackened-thrash band Mutilation Rites dropped the EP I Am Legion (their first release, discounting demos and splits) on Tuesday, March 27, via Gilead Media. They're also playing day two of the metal festival that Gilead is hosting in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the end of April—which also features Loss, Thou, Ash Borer, and Barghest, among many others.

The cover artwork is printed in silver ink on black (which you can't see in the image to the left), and because the vinyl is single-sided, there's an etching on the B side—both are by Rainbath Visual. I Am Legion consists of three demo tracks rerecorded with Mutilation Rites' new, bigger lineup, and the sound is likewise bigger—and a lot uglier. This is definitely filthy city music.

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So I hear it's National Cleavage Day . . .

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 11:39 AM

A bit of cleavage
Thanks for the news, Twitter!

Brought to you by the wonderful folks at Wonderbra, NCD "is being celebrated at office premises, restaurants and bars throughout the nation."

Office premises, really? Let me consult our employee handbook.

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Attention androids

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 10:57 AM

This sign is more of a factoid, really
  • Mathias Klang
  • This sign is more of a factoid, really
A quick search of the Reader online archives reveals nine instances in which we used the word factoid, but who can blame us? We didn’t know. Alexis Madrigal is here to clear things up. He blogs at the Atlantic that the common usage is incorrect. The suffix -oid isn’t diminutive, as he had thought; a reader wrote in to remind him that in this context it’s rather more derogatory, meaning “resembling, but not really a member of some category”—humanoid, for instance, doesn’t mean “little human.” So factoid means “not really a fact.”

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Watching the Detective with Chicago Cinema Society

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 10:21 AM

Rajesh Ji (front, in black jacket) is The Bengali Detective.
  • Rajesh Ji (front, in black jacket) is The Bengali Detective.
Saturday at midnight, Facets will screen the Chicago premiere of Philip Cox’s 2011 documentary The Bengali Detective. The film concerns Rajesh Ji, a Calcutta private detective and family man who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. This was such a hit on last year’s festival circuit that Fox Searchlight Pictures bought the rights to the film and is currently developing a fictionalized remake: it sounds like it'll make for fun midnight viewing. The screening is presented by the Chicago Cinema Society, the local group that hosted the local premiere of Alex de la Iglesia’s The Last Circus in December. Cinema Society organizer Neil Calderone will introduce the film and field questions afterward.

According to Calderone, the Chicago Cinema Society has two chief goals: to screen acclaimed recent films that lack U.S. distribution and to showcase movies that straddle the categories of world cinema and genre cinema. The Bengali Detective marks their second endeavor; the next will be a double feature of the kung fu classics Master of the Flying Guillotine and Fist of the White Lotus, slated for June 1 at the Portage Theater.

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The friends of Patrick Daley Thompson

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 07:59 AM

Patrick Daley Thompson: inspiring fans of sewage treatment to donate to his campaign
  • Patrick Daley Thompson: inspiring fans of sewage treatment to donate to his campaign

Some of us spent the primary election season consumed by the electoral machinations of Rahm Emanuel and Toni Preckwinkle—and the almost potentially exciting race for court clerk. But it turns out that many of the smart and connected people in town had their money on a guy running for the board of the water reclamation district.

It could have something to do with the fact that he’s a Daley.

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Time for the Final Four, so my bracket tells me

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 07:44 AM

The Norfolk States and Lehighs are long gone, promptly shoved out the back door just two days removed from improbable wins over Missouri and Duke, respectively. The 13-seed Ohio Bobcats pushed one-seed North Carolina to the brink—a half-court shot from the Elite Eight—but got stomped on like a junior varsity team in overtime. The pipe dream of having Xavier versus Cincinnati in the championship game, my alma mater versus my childhood team, was banished when Cincinnati stared blankly as Ohio State's Jared "NBA lottery pick" Sullinger rebounded everything and pesky defensive-minded point guard Aaron Craft stole everything. So why should I even bother watching anymore? I guess I still have my bracket.

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3 AM tweeting, the other kind

Posted By on 03.30.12 at 06:59 AM

Late-night bars are the devil's work, and Chicago has too many of them. As the clock creeps closer to dawn, bad decisions begin dressing up all dapper like and convincing drunkards that, yes, another shot and grabbing a frozen pizza on the way home is the way to go. The formerly spry, wide-eyed me used to be the first to suggest a 4 AM den of iniquity—one ready and willing to expedite crippling hangovers—when the night needed a pick-me-up. Now, I just can't hack it.

And that's OK, because in addition to having a delicate 30-year-old body actually complete menial weekend tasks, I'm also able to avoid the eerie, discombobulating early morning chorus of the songbirds. As if having the bar lights dialed up to tanning-bed-level brightness isn't sobering enough, stumbling out the front door into 4:30 AM Chicago and hearing bird chirps bounce around alleyways and off apartment buildings is a dizzying kind of surreal.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dream girls raise the roof

Posted By on 03.29.12 at 06:12 PM

The Dreamettes
  • The Dreamettes

Last Friday night the corner of King Drive and 47th Street was congested by a constant parade of cars pulling up to the Harold Washington Cultural Center. The bright lights of the center cast a glow across the otherwise unremarkable stretch of King Drive. This marked the third weekend of the new production of Dream Girls, the first show in a new series called “Broadway to Bronzeville.” “We were worried no one was coming out tonight,” said executive producer Jimalita Tillman from the stage. “But you folks came to see us instead of going to see Tyler Perry!” And plenty came. Over 700 seats were filled.

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Bluegrass: Earl Scruggs, Dailey & Vincent, and the Cracker Barrel

Posted By on 03.29.12 at 06:00 PM

Dailey & Vincent
  • Dailey & Vincent
I have to imagine that popular bluegrass duo Dailey & Vincent—chronic winners of awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association since they emerged a few years ago, after spending years in the bands of Doyle Lawson, Ricky Skaggs, and others—will salute banjo giant Earl Scruggs, who died yesterday at 88 in Nashville, when they perform at the James Lumber Center in suburban Grayslake on Friday night. Few did more to shape any genre than Scruggs did to shape bluegrass. While working in Bill Monroe's Blues Grass Boys he single-handedly transformed his instrument's role from strictly rhythmic to melodic, using three fingers—each fitted with a pick—to sculpt tunes from a hail of high-velocity arpeggios.

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