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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nixon, Robertson, and reefer

Posted By on 03.09.12 at 05:30 PM

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I’ve got President Nixon on my mind lately . . .
As you all know by now, Pat Robertson recently came out for the legalization of marijuana.

Didn’t beat around the bush with talk about decriminalization. Didn’t say he'd have to study the subject or hold hearings.

No, he came right out and said what many, if not most, people believe—there’s no compelling reason to keep it illegal anymore. Hasn’t been in years. Our pot policies make a mockery of our criminal justice system by locking up blacks for the stuff white people do all the time. Packing our jails with bodies. Wasting time and money and resources pushing these cases through the courts. And so forth.

Meanwhile, the Democrats—President Obama, Governor Quinn, and Mayor Emanuel, just to name a few—are like: Oh, no. Can't move too fast. Need more study. Got to hold more hearings. And so on.

Perhaps the legalization of marijuana has become the domestic 21st-century equivalent of recognizing Red China. It took President Nixon, a red-baiting, communist-card-playing Republican, to do that. Few Democrats would dare mainly because red-baiters like Nixon would have blasted them for selling out to the communist horde.

Irony, irony, irony, folks . . .

I’ve got President Nixon on my mind lately 'cause I’ve been reading Thomas Mallon’s Watergate, a fictionalized account of what may or may not have happened behind the scenes as that great scandal unfolded.

Brings me back in time to the presidential election of 1972, when Nixon won in a landslide by blasting George McGovern for running on the three As: Abortion, acid, and amnesty for Vietnam War deserters.

As in . . .

All Democrats want to kill babies, drop acid, and dash off to Canada rather than fight wars that most Republicans—at least George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, and Dick Cheney—didn't want to fight either.

Democrats have been running scared ever since.

So it is with our marijuana laws. Robertson's Republican allies can be expected to blast any Democrat who dares to endorse legalization as being soft on the war on drugs.

Speaking of travesties that go back to Nixon.

Here’s the funny part that’s too pathetic to even be ironic. As he called for legalizing marijuana, Robertson blamed liberals for our insane marijuana laws. Or specifically, the "liberal mindset to have an all-encompassing government.”

Conveniently forgetting that lock-'em-up, tough-on-crime policies have been the bedrock of the Republican Party for years.

That's not irony, folks, it's chutzpah—and especially ballsy chutzpah at that. Intimidate the Democrats into taking stupid stands, then turn around and blast them for the stupid stands that they take.

Reminds me of Juan Rangel, one of Mayor Emanuel’s favorite charter school operators, blaming white liberals for not funding charter schools. Conveniently overlooking that his UNO charter school empire was built on government handouts from white liberals.

It would be enough to make me feel sorry for white liberals, if they weren't so freaking eager to undercut public education by using public dollars to fund private schools.

Liberal Democrats of all races have embraced the charter school movement largely for the same reason they supported the war on drugs—they don’t want Republicans to call them weak. In the one case, weak on teachers unions. In the other, weak on drugs.

Why the Democrats continually fall for this can only be attributed to that fact that they are weak to start with.

So here's my advice to Democrats. Stop being weak! Get off your knees. Take a stand!

Of course, it’s always possible that Obama, Emanuel, and Quinn actually believe our marijuana laws are sane.

In which case, we’re in far more trouble than I ever imagined.

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