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Monday, February 13, 2012

Looking for Glove

Posted By on 02.13.12 at 01:57 PM

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For those who wonder whether Tumblr has any use, the answer is now yes: Dubi Kaufmann recently started one that aims to match up gloves lost in Chicago with their owners. Aptly titled Looking for Glove, it allows people to post photos and descriptions of gloves they've found—or ones they've lost, though there aren't many of those posted. If you see your glove on the site, you can e-mail Kaufmann to coordinate its return. According to the FAQ section, he started the site because "I lost a glove."

There are no success stories yet, but reading the descriptions of the found gloves can be its own reward. While most are brief and to the point, a few finders have been more poetic in their descriptions. "I see this being used on medium walks during a warm winter, playing Jenga at River Shannon’s, or embarking on an evening holding cold beers and hot mashed potatoes at Stanley’s," one submitter writes of a black leather glove. More confusingly, a user named Brenda submitted this description:

Gorgeous silver and sequin glove found outside Lumen nightclub on Fulton Market. Found around 3am Sunday morning after several fights were broken up in the street. Homeless man returned to me later sunday when walking my dog. This glove is too pretty not to be reunited with its mate!

It appears that she came across the glove outside a nightclub late one Saturday night, though what the fights have to do with it is unclear. The role of the homeless man is also hazy, but most perplexing of all is what he was doing walking her dog.

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