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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spy vs. spy

Posted By on 01.17.12 at 10:37 AM

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from the CDBO website
  • from the CDBO website
All eyes are on South Carolina, but today's a big day politically in Wisconsin. It's the day opponents of Republican governor Scott Walker must turn in their petitions to recall governor Scott Walker. The goal is 540,000 signatures. If it's reached, an election will be held in six weeks.

United Wisconsin, the pro-recall website, speaks of Walker's "tyranny" and of "the need to protect our way of life." The need is urgent. "Donate $25 or anything you can!"

The pro-Walker forces are not napping. I hear from both sides, and e-mail pours in from the Tea Party Express and the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama 2012. "A win for the union bosses and Obama's liberal democratic machine will deal a mortal blow to conservative governance principles," warns the Tea Party Express. "Click here to donate."

"Friends and fellow patriots," began a recent e-mail from the CDBA: "while most of the nation have been focused on the presidential contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, Democrats including Barack Obama's political operatives have quietly been wrapping up their RECALL campaign against conservative Republican Gov. Scott Walker."

So much is at stake in Wisconsin, explained the CDBA—not only control of state government but also the state's ten electoral votes. But I could help foil the plot and add my name to the "Hero's List" by contributing $200 or more to the cause.

On Saturday the CDBA appealed to me again with fresh intelligence garnered behind enemy lines. The Walker forces had infiltrated the United Wisconsin website and captured the announcement of a "Petition Turn-In Celebration!!!" Tuesday evening in Madison.

"Here is the message we intercepted from the RECALL campaign to their supporters announcing their impending celebration," announced the CDBA. "Please, help us humble the liberals by fighting back"

There was a fresh appeal to join the Hero's List.

I have a friend in Madison who is too close to the battle to appreciate it. I forwarded her this CDBA e-mail with a comment: "For your eyes only. I've just intercepted a message from the Conservatives revealing the message they just intercepted from the Liberals. Remember Spy vs. Spy in Mad magazine?"

If I were doing online intelligence, I'd hate to let go of so fragrant a cold war term as intercepted. But alas, its time has passed. These days, everyone trolls on everyone else's websites and email lists; one side's appeal to supporters for the funds to fight the good fight immediately becomes the other side's reason to ask its supporters for even more.

In the end, we all resemble our enemies. Then again, we're all Americans so why shouldn't we?

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