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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mayor Emanuel tallies his City Council yes votes

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In the aftermath of Wednesday's 50-nothing debacle, I mean, City Council meeting, I just about lost my mind—as in, isn't there one person in this bunch with any balls?

Sorry, that was really wrong of me. I must learn to control myself.

Breathe, Ben, breathe. Feeling better—ahhhhh!!!!

All right, look, I get it. There's roughly 40 aldermen who would never vote against the mayor, any mayor, if he were proposing to do something really stupid like jacking up the regressive water and sewer tax, firing library employees and closing neighborhood mental health clinics.

While paying his top aides more than Mayor Daley paid his and keeping hundreds of millions of TIF dollars in reserves.

Oh, wait, that's what Mayor Emanuel's budget does.

And I know there are about five other aldermen who might have voted no but didn't vote no because they were looking to cut some sort of deal with the mayor.

That leaves about five aldermen who thought to themselves—you know, I don't really need this f-bomb-dropping lunatic mad at me. Especially if I'm only one of five voting no.

That adds up to a 50 to nothing vote.

In the aftermath, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and see how things worked with Mayor Daley's first budget.

I wound up reading a great article in the Sun-Times by Ray Hanania that starts: "Mayor Daley's record $3.02 billion budget sailed past its first City Council hurdle Wednesday, prompting one alderman to complain that the hosannas sounded like 'the millennium' had arrived in Chicago."

Great lede, Ray!

The article goes on to quote Alderman Lemuel Austin Jr. (34th) who praised Mayor Daley for making a bunch of changes that reflect an administration "concerned with tackling the city's problems."

If that sounds familiar, it's 'cause Alderman Carrie Austin—the former alderman's widow—said pretty much the same thing about Mayor Emanuel.

All together now—the more things change . . .

By the way, eight aldermen voted against Mayor Daley's first budget.

So either Mayor Emanuel is really, really better than Mayor Daley at crafting budgets. Or we've regressed as a democracy.

People, you decide.

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