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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recipes in the words of famous authors

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 06:00 PM

Maybe it's because I majored in English, but I was excited yesterday when I came across the Independent's excerpts from The Household Tips of the Great Writers by Mark Crick, which imagines how various authors would write recipes: clafoutis by Virginia Woolf, an onion tart from Chaucer, lamb with dill sauce from Raymond Chandler. It helped, of course, that they came up with a great headline: "Reader, I marinated it."

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Sun-Times Media in play?

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 05:41 PM

A group of investors is being assembled to buy Sun-Times Media Holdings LLC, Crain's Chicago Business reported Wednesday. Leading the charge is Michael Ferro Jr., CEO of Merrick Ventures LLC, and the offer reportedly being considered is $14 million plus assumption of debt.

I suggest keeping an eye on the CCB brief not simply for further developments but to read the comments collecting at the bottom. There are only a few as I write this, but they're an intriguing sampling of reasons why CCB readers say they don't read the Sun-Times.

"Too liberal," says one. "Subserviently appeasing and politically correct."

Fire Jack Higgins, Stella Foster, and Mike Sneed, says another.

These contributions make turning the paper and company around sound like a piece of cake.

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The Sis and Maggie Daley Cultural Center of Chicago?

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 05:00 PM

Ah, we long for royalty.

Here’s what Sis Daley told the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass in 1999, after he campaigned to get the Chicago Cultural Center named for her:

“Thank you so much, but no thanks. . .Chicago is a better name for that building. Chicago is a prettier name than Sis Daley, and it means more to all sorts of people.”

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Czar ends 2011 with a headbang

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 04:00 PM

  • Czar
As I noted on the Reader tumblog the other day, Chicago has had a pretty incredible year in terms of producing great metal albums. Local heavies Czar are offering headbangers an end-of-the-year treat next week, when they release their new album, Vertical Mass Grave. The record is a dense mass of sludgy riffs and breakneck rhythmic changes that has a lot of people saying the words "Mastodon" and "Helmet" in close proximity to each other. Vertical Mass Grave is out 12/6 on the Cracknation label, and the blog Gun Shy Assassin has a preview up of the track "Diapers."

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Marni for H&M

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 03:00 PM

The news yesterday that Marni will create a spring collection for H&M doubtless spurred countless man-repelling design aficionados (aficionadas?) to clear their calendars for March 8, 2012. Marni, the Italian line designed by Consuelo Castiglioni, is beloved for its colorful and playful yet perfectly elegant approach to clothing and accessories. The press release promises that the collection will emphasize "Marni staples, with full pleated skirts, dresses, cropped pants and jacquard knits; fabrics range from silk to crisp cotton poplin," and will also feature shoes, bags, and scarves. There will even be a men's collection—something new for the line.

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The Killer is back

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 02:00 PM

Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
In July brilliant rock 'n' roll architect Jerry Lee Lewis, 76, was scheduled to play at the Congress Theater, but he fell ill and had to cancel. The show's makeup date is this Saturday, also at the Congress.

I wrote a preview of Lewis's July show, and you can read it again (and watch a great live video) after the jump:

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The Blackhawks' flaky personality

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 01:00 PM

Patrick Kane
The Blackhawks have said they're trying to determine what sort of personality their team has this year. Thus far consider it promising, talented, but more than a little bit flaky.

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Now on DVD: Monte Carlo

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 12:00 PM

No American movie of 2011 exceeded my expectations more than Monte Carlo, an escapist comedy that was marketed primarily to preteen girls. While the film certainly works as a wish-fulfillment fantasy, it’s also an object lesson in the art of movie direction, demonstrating how a sensitive filmmaker can elicit universal meaning from trite material. I found a lot of it more poignant and perceptive than a lot of wish-fulfillment fantasies marketed to adults—such as Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, which was released around the same time. What distinguishes Monte Carlo is that it encourages the viewer to take all of the characters’ feelings seriously, instead of identifying with one person at the expense of those around her. It’s a surprisingly mature vision, implicitly arguing that happiness should be shared by everyone.

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Evanston decriminalizes reefer!

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 11:23 AM

Good news from Evanston, my hometown.

No, they didn't beat New Trier at football—sigh. But what they did was almost as good—they decriminalized marijuana.

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A couple of judges on criminal justice

Posted By on 11.30.11 at 09:38 AM

Richard J. Posner
  • Richard J. Posner
Judges have the law in common and think differently from each other about it. The differences might be easier for us to see and accept when the common subject is something smaller and less vital—say, a book.

I’ve recently read reviews by both retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens and the nation’s best-known federal appellate judge, Richard J. Posner, on The Collapse of American Criminal Justice, by William Stuntz, a law professor at Harvard who died earlier this year. The New York Review of Books, for which Stevens wrote, and the New Republic, Posner’s venue, gave them plenty of space, and they made the most of it. Both greatly respect Stuntz’s book, but they have issues, and these begin with the title. “I would not characterize the defects in American criminal justice that he describes as a ‘collapse,’ and I found his chapter about ‘Earl Warren’s Errors’ surprisingly unpersuasive,” writes Stevens. “The American criminal justice system is not in a state of collapse, or even in any danger of collapse,” writes Posner.

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