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Friday, October 14, 2011

Local duo Black Ladies reunite, just this once

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Black Ladies
  • Black Ladies
A few years ago the bass-and-drums duo Black Ladies was the toast of the noisy Chicago underground. Yes, Lightning Bolt was an obvious sonic touchstone, but bassist Pat Seymour and drummer Ryan Duggan (full disclosure: I played with Duggan in Loose Dudes) created a sound that was more solid and heavy-handed. On the 2008 Naked Caveman seven-inch, the duo's songs push forward with power and groove rather than sputter out of control.

The band played its farewell show at the Hideout in July of 2009—the set actually ended with Duggan giving his entire drum set away to members of the crowd. (I know for a fact that his bass drum still sits atop a pile of boxes in the corner of Cacaw's rehearsal space.)

I was excited to find out that Black Ladies will get back together for a one-off show this Saturday beginning at 11 PM. They'll open for former Stationary (Heart) labelmates Double Dagger at the south-side DIY spot Treasure Town. It should come as no surprise that Duggan, an artist and regular contributor to the Reader, has been tight with the self-proclaimed “graphic-design-core” dudes of Double Dagger for years now. And since Double Dagger is calling it quits following this final tour, Black Ladies are basically saying "Fuck it, why not play a reunion?"

I was promised that the show is absolutely a onetime deal, so it won’t be the sort of thing you’ll want to miss. It was always a treat to watch Seymour and Duggan play together. And though my journalistic integrity won’t allow me to give up Treasure Town’s address, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Check out a piece of the duo's set from a 2007 show at Duggan's long-defunct DIY spot, People Projects:

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