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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Former Illinois governors awarded pen names

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Illinois governors mansion
The State of Illinois today announced the renaming of several of its facilities in recognition of the achievements of certain past governors.

Effective immediately, the Stateville prison is the Honorable Otto Kerner Jr. Correctional Center.

The Big Muddy River Correctional Center is the Honorable Dan Walker Correctional Center.

The penitentiary in Pontiac is the Honorable George H. Ryan Correctional Center.

The Illinois River prison is the Honorable Rod Blagojevich Correctional Center.

The governor’s mansion is now the House of Ill. Repute.

Also, Governors State University announced it will be adding majors in bribery, conspiracy, perjury, and fraud. The school is retaining its motto (“unlimited opportunity”).

In addition, Illinois has updated some of its official symbols.

The state bird, formerly the cardinal, is now the jailbird.

The state animal, formerly the white-tailed deer, is now the cheetah.

The state fish, formerly the bluegill, is now the largemouth bass.

The state amphibian, formerly the eastern tiger salamander, is now the robber frog.

The state reptile, formerly the eastern-painted turtle, is now the veiled chameleon.

The state insect, formerly the monarch butterfly, is now the stinkbug.

The state flower, formerly the blue violet, is now the fucking goldenrod.

The state tree, formerly the white oak, is now the palm tree.

The state mineral, formerly fluorite, is now iron pyrite.

The state snack food, formerly popcorn, is now fudge.

The state dance, formerly the square dance, is now the hustle.

The state slogan is now "Land of Winkin’."

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