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Friday, May 27, 2011

Now Bulls fans know how the other side feels

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Under Commissioner David Stern, the National Basketball Association has been a star-making machine to rival Hollywood. It has taken its elite players and promoted them, protected them, and profited by them. It hasn’t quite been professional wrestling, with its story lines written in advance, but at times it’s come close.

The Bulls of the Michael Jordan era benefited from that over the course of their six championships. Yet those Bulls also had a steely determination that transcended favoritism; witness how they never played a seventh game in the NBA Finals, no matter how intent the refs appeared to be to extend a series for the benefit of TV networks.

Wouldn’t it have been sweet if this season’s Bulls had ironically upset that whole caste system.? A humble team with a swarming defense and but a single superstar—homegrown, youngest-ever Most Valuable Player Derrick Rose—the Bulls seemed designed to beat the Miami Heat and its “three kings” set of mercenaries: LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, united last summer in a ballyhooed media event. Right up through the first half of the second game of the Eastern Conference finals, the Bulls seemed to have a handle on the Heat. At that point, they hadn’t lost to them all season, and they’d taken the series opener by 21.

The Bulls weren’t to win another.

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Weekend Plant Sales and Chef Demos

Posted By on 05.27.11 at 12:26 PM

pepper plants
  • Photo courtesy The Peterson Garden Project
  • California Wonder bell pepper plants.
A few farmers' markets are already up and running and regularly scheduling chefs to show you what to do with local produce—get a few tips for your Memorial Day grilling. The weather forecasts look promising, so you can also get to work in the garden. Find a few transplants at the Peterson Garden Project's plant sale, which features tomatoes, basil, eggplants, peppers, corn, melons and more on Saturday, May 28, 9 AM-4 PM at 2500 W. Peterson. Plants are $3, and proceeds go to the garden the the Mather High School Green House Club.

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Show us your ... pig collection

Posted By on 05.27.11 at 11:00 AM

Each week we ask you to show us something. This week it's Gary Bartholomew's PIG COLLECTION. Got something to show us?

  • Gary Bartholomew

Bartholomew started collecting pig memorabilia when he was six years old, after his mother told him that pigs symbolized good luck. She'd learned about pigs' purported magical properties as a young girl, he says; the band of gypsies who camped out on her parents' farm in Ohio during the summers had painted pigs on their wagons to protect them on the road.

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Rod Blagojevich was not good in Little League

Posted By on 05.27.11 at 10:12 AM

Taking the stand in his defense yesterday, Rod Blagojevich delved into an hours-long biography, filled with tales of triumph, tragedy, love, fashion, and the summer he warmed the bench for his Little League team. Also, he said he never tried to shake down U.S. rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. or Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former congressman. He's back on the stand today. (Sun-Times)

The Chicago Housing Authority wants every resident to be tested for drugs. The ACLU is crying foul. (Sun-Times)

Mayor Daley’s new gig at the University of Chicago will pay $100,000 a year. Not too shabby, MayDay. (Sun-Times)

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Ozzie's daring move

Posted By on 05.27.11 at 07:49 AM

Adam Dunn is still missing on all cylinders. With just under a third of the season gone, the Big Breeze is more than a third of the way to the White Sox club record for strikeouts in a season—he has 65 already, and the record is 175. He’s managed to stay ahead of the record pace and lead the AL in Ks even though he missed six games because of an appendectomy. (While in the hospital the Big Breeze sought to strike out by absentee ballot, but the commissioner ruled against it.)

Dunn’s average is only .186 now, but he’s been hitting in hard luck. Most of his strikeouts have been right at somebody.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Old Town's Piper's Alley screens last shows tonight

Posted By on 05.26.11 at 05:28 PM

The AMC-Loews Piper’s Alley movie theater in Old Town will close its doors tonight after one final evening of screenings, set to include Cedar Rapids, I Am, The Conspirator, and Jane Eyre.

Word spread via Twitter this morning, and was first reported by Chicagoist, which expounded upon the theater’s closing.

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At long last, the All Things Considered footwork remix

Posted By on 05.26.11 at 01:45 PM

Finally, after God only knows how many years of there not being a footwork remix of the theme music to All Things Considered, someone—namely local footwork producer DJ Earl—has come through for the people of Earth and made that shit happen. And sure, it's funny on paper, and funny to actually hear if you have any sort of ingrained Pavlovian response to the theme's particular bit of fussy horn arranging, but on the other hand it also kind of bangs. It appears that footwork music might turn out to be like Baltimore club music—a formula you can apply to pretty much anything and make a hot track out of it.

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This Week's Movie Action

Posted By on 05.26.11 at 01:24 PM


Oh, the grief we've given Woody Allen over the years. Year after year, dud after dud, pan after pan, he never quits and neither do we. So take my word for it when I tell you that Midnight in Paris is Allen's funniest comedy since Bullets Over Broadway (1994). The new movie is reviewed this week, paired with Alexandre O. Phillipe's engaging documentary The People vs. George Lucas.

Also check out our new reviews of The Hangover Part II, the much-hyped sequel to the 2009 comedy juggernaut; The Hypnagogic Empiric, a program of experimental shorts by local artist George Monteleone; Sirius, a children's movie by the lionized Czech director Frantisek Vlacil; 13 Assassins, a traditional samourai adventure from Japanese bad boy Takashi Miike; Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie, a documentary profile of the 60s jester and political activist; and This Is My Land . . . Hebron, screening as part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

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Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, kosher food watchdog

Posted By on 05.26.11 at 01:00 PM

I 'm the kashruth, or kosher, administrator for the Chicago Rabbinical Council. We certify products, caterers, restaurants, and bakeries as kosher. Our rabbis check every single product to make sure it is what it says it is. Food science, chemistry, engineering—all of these things play a role. You walk into a factory that makes soy milk, and you have to understand the machine that makes it. You have to understand what steam infusion is, and steam traps, and what a water chill is. What are they using to heat it up? What are they using to cool it down?

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Sales and Events

Posted By on 05.26.11 at 12:22 PM

The Randolph Street Market kicks off its eighth season this weekend.
  • Image Pilots
  • The Randolph Street Market kicks off its eighth season this weekend.
Last month, Stephanie Sack, owner of Bucktown plus-size boutique Vive la Femme, and shoe designer Kathryn Kerrigan amicably ended their business partnership, and Sack has opened a shoe boutique called Violette in the space that formerly housed Kerrigan's shop. Located at 2031 N. Damen, Violette features "cheap and cheerful" shoes priced between $29 and $99 in sizes 7 through 12. Sack handpicks the styles herself and specifically looks for designs that are "classy and comfortable, but with a twist." Brands include Gomax, Envy, and a sandals line called Dezario, which Sack loves for their "timeless style—they're very 'foxy lady at the pool in Florida.'" When we spoke, Sack was just about to start working on a window installation featuring purple footwear, which will presumably be on display for the opening party tonight from 6 to 10 PM. Until 8 PM, guests can vote on the big question of "Heels vs. Flats," with the winning styles on sale for the rest of the month.

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