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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man and Cat Respond to School's Bag Lunch Ban

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All of your relatives who love Alex Jones and posters of teary-eyed bald eagles have probably emailed you this Chicago Tribune article about Little Village Academy's ban on bagged lunches by now. If you're really lucky, they threw in some all-caps rambling about lunch lady-in-chief Barack Obama's SWAT teams coming to take your Cheetos away (threats of impending apocalypse are the Tea Party way of saying "I love you"). Some Real American patriots have gone beyond the call of fwd-fwd-fwd'ed AOL email duty by making home videos about the Communist scourge now upon us. One man wonders why we Chicagoans aren't WAKING UP and fighting back against the unconstitutional, Russian school food already ("too tired").

This YouTube includes swear words and is therefore NSFW, unless you work for a media organization or are currently housed in some Democratic Party-run gulag (same thing):

What's really crazy is that the cat told this man what to say.

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