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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Watch your language! You're talking to a doctor of Integrated Marketing Communications!

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The plan to change the name of the Medill School of Jurassic Technology Journalism to the mouthful that is The Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications (where we're going, we don't need and) isn't going well with some of its more prominent graduates.

The Windy Citizen thread is also entertaining: "The serial comma is the only thing that bothers me about it. Do they not teach AP style anymore?" Well, if they're teaching the CMOS, that's actually an improvement.

The IMC acronym seems to be the point of contention, and I still don't know why anyone wanting to advertise their skills in marketing would go with the paradoxically meaningless and over-specific term "integrated marketing communications"—though it's apparently official enough to have its own Wiki page. And lots of degree programs, which describe the art as such:

"contemporary marketing theories with hands-on problem-solving to give students a broad understanding of the new and evolving methods that companies use to develop, communicate and promote their products and services to customers"

"students learn to re-align their communications, seeing things the way the consumer sees them — as a constant flow of information from a variety of media"

"The consumer now expects the digital world to present all brands directly to them, consequently, all brands now must manage these consumer experiences and contacts- whether or not they result in an online transaction."

"the strategic blending of advertising, public relations, and marketing tactics to grab consumer attention and build a strong brand"

"IMC focuses on the synergistic role of advertising, sales promotions, direct marketing, internet and interactive marketing, public relations and personal selling in the communications program"

So it's all forms of marketing humankind has invented so far, with the only rule being you can't use short sentences.

I don't know how long the acronym has been around, but here's a book about it from 1993. Which is a long time in integrated marketing communications years, so I guess it's with us for good.

Don Draper could not be reached for comment.

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