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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Broadband in America

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Whites are more likely than African-Americans to use broadband in this country, but African-Americans seem to appreciate it more.

A new Pew survey found that as of May, 66 percent of white adults (up a little from 63% last year) and 56 percent of African-Americans (up a lot from 46% last year) have a broadband connection at home. But 53 percent of blacks (and 51 percent of Hispanics) and only 39 percent of whites consider the lack of broadband a major disadvantage when it comes to seeking jobs and job skills. Whites also trailed the other two groups, often by a lot, in considering the lack of broadband a serious disadvantage in getting health information, finding out about government services, keeping up with the news and community information, and enriching one's life.

Should the expansion of high speed access to the parts of America that don't have it be an important federal priority? Pew says that 48 percent of blacks (and 43 percent of Hispanics) but only 39 percent of whites think it should. Among whites and Hispanics, small majorities felt that universal high speed access was either not an important federal goal or should not be a goal at all.

Here's a link to the entire report, Home Broadband 2010.

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