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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sam Smith on LeBron James

Posted By on 07.09.10 at 01:19 PM

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The most lucid local writing I've spotted on the LeBron James circus...

It's by Sam Smith, fondly remembered from his years at the Tribune during the Jordan era, now writing — curiously enough — for the Bulls' own Web site.

"I personally cannot see James going there," Smith wrote about James and Miami, hours before James announced on ESPN he was going to Miami, "if only for the reason that someone who books a TV show for himself to announce his decision—with I heard now just a part of the proceeds going to charity—is not someone who’s going to join two other stars, one of whom already has a championship and would be the more popular and powerful figure on the team. After all, Miami is [Dwyane] Wade’s team and Wade’s town, and guys like James generally have been the types who need to dominate their team."

Smith was wrong, but some writers are a lot smarter being wrong than others are being right.

James announced, and Smith wrote:

"Going to Miami, it isn’t going to be LeBron’s team. It is Wade’s team because he’s been there and has won a championship there. So the obvious point was that this would not be LeBron’s championship if he gets one or more, that he needed to go get help from a champion and another star [Chris Bosh]. But maybe he just decided that he’s OK with that and, actually, I’ve always felt his talents are more like Magic and Scottie Pippen than Michael and Kobe."

My thanks to Noah Liberman, for his head's-up on Smith ripping James on the Bulls' site and while the Bulls presumably still thought they had a chance to sign him — a failure that puts the lost 1992 world's fair and 2016 Olympics into perspective, not to mention the 1871 Chicago fire and Fort Dearborn massacre.

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