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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Shoot: Bill Murray, Ruling

Posted By on 06.30.10 at 03:25 PM

I didn't notice it when it was first posted to the Reader's music pool on Flickr, but contributor the Extinction Blues took what may be the best photograph I've seen in forever: Bill Murray at the Crossroads festival, dressed as Elvis and holding up a Blackhawks flag.

Check it out after the jump.

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Male's Radiant Ambient Improvisation

Posted By on 06.30.10 at 12:49 PM

Male (Jonathan Krohn and Benjamin Mjolsness)
  • Male (Jonathan Krohn and Benjamin Mjolsness)
The local instrumental duo of guitarist Benjamin Mjolsness (formerly of Mass Shivers) and keyboardist/electronics guy Jonathan Krohn, aka Male, rarely perform or record without a complement of players from the local jazz and improv scene—it looks like what they do is come up with ideas and then enlist some great musicians to help realize them. Male's modus operandi is to record amorphous, drifting tracks as a duo, then bring in folks like vibist Jason Adasiewicz, cornetist Josh Berman, and guitarist Todd Mattei to improvise over them in real time, with no subsequent edits. On the group's 2008 debut, All Are Welcome (Other-Electricities), the result is a radiant set of ambient soundscapes embroidered with gestural detail and enriched with textural variety, though they tend toward the noisy rather than the placid.

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7/1 — Free Irish Music and Dance in Daley Plaza

Posted By on 06.30.10 at 12:31 PM

Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers
  • Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers
The Irish-American Heritage Festival runs July 9 to 11, and some of its performers will offer a free sneak preview tomorrow from noon to 1 PM in Daley Plaza (50 W. Washington). Performers include Irish musicians Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers and the Trinity Academy of Irish Dance. More information on the festival is here.

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Libraries: Who Needs Them?

Posted By on 06.30.10 at 11:31 AM

The local Fox News affiliate did a groundbreaking report which brings up the question:

Libraries: Fuck 'em?

Did you know that they cost money that could be used for other things? Did you know there's the Internet? And paperbacks?

Did you know that if you were at the Harold Washington Library the other day that someone at Fox News may have been filming you with a hidden camera to figure out if people are USING THE LIBRARY?

Did you know we're doomed?

(via @drmabuse, @sarahw, Mediabistro)

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The Other Fashion Movie

Posted By on 06.30.10 at 11:26 AM

  • Magnolia Pictures
While Sex and the City 2 hogged the limelight like a nubile young starlet in a transparent dress, another movie with a wonderful fashion element has been quietly making waves: I Am Love, Luca Guadagnino's moving study of a wealthy Milanese family.

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Morning Art: Leah Roszkowski

Posted By on 06.30.10 at 08:08 AM

Expansion, a painting by Leah Roszkowski, part of the Emerging Artists Summer Exhibit, opening Fri 7/2, 6 PM, at Morpho Gallery, 5216 N. Damen, 773-878-4255.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You Shoot: Pride

Posted By on 06.29.10 at 08:05 PM

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Indie Rock's Don Rickleses Release Their Hello Dummy!

Posted By on 06.29.10 at 07:34 PM

One of the ways in which Shellac fans are like juggalos is that they're so extremely intense about something that just cracks my shit up. And my favorite thing about the band is that the three of them seem to find the situation—a bunch of dudes head-nodding in 7/8 time to a song about baseball—just as hilarious as I do. Chunklet publisher and live-punk-tape enthusiast Henry Owings has edited almost four hours (!) of onstage banter from 17 years of Shellac shows into a 105-minute best-of compilation (!!) that quite rightly leans heavily on Bob Weston's not-giving-a-shit audience Q&As, though Albini is good for a couple of zingers too.

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Gun-Rights Meeting Is On After All—But Not at Tuley Park

Posted By on 06.29.10 at 07:29 PM

A week after Park District officials thwarted its plans to hold a town hall meeting at a south side field house, the gun-rights group Illinois Carry has decided to move the Wednesday night event to Chicago State University.

It should be an interesting scene: while the group and its supporters will be presenting their arguments for conceal-and-carry laws, gun-control activists are planning to assemble there to "stand up to the NRA," according to a Facebook post by Father Michael Pfleger, who recently organized an anti-violence march with Mayor Richard M. Daley and is now planning to take buses of parishioners to Chicago State. The town hall meeting is not being organized by the NRA.

Meanwhile, a Park District spokeswoman is insisting that the group was never blocked from holding its meeting at Tuley Park, though she isn't clear about why park employees were telling visitors that the event had been canceled.

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If He's Full of Shit, You Must Acquit

Posted By on 06.29.10 at 04:52 PM

Last month:

[Defense attorney Sam] Adam is betting that by letting the public see firsthand that Blagojevich apparently says whatever comes into his head, Adam and his colleagues can argue that the things Blagojevich says on the extensive government tape recordings are little more than his typical claptrap—that the real crooks are those around him.

Here's how that strategy is playing out.

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