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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

17 Days of TV — Last Thoughts

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* "We realized a long time ago that what you make people feel is just as important as what you make at BMW. We don't just make cars. We make joy.”

Not exactly. There’s a division of labor. BMW supplies the cars. The ad agency supplies the joy. The Olympic athletes supplied the competition. The media supplied the nationalism.

* It’s not just the smoking and drinking and casual sex that have made Mad Men a hit series. The show is set in the postwar cultural moment that explains everything. It’s the moment when image overtook utility in America, when advertising shifted from what things do for us to what they say about us. Don Draper, his name and past both illusions, is the guy who sort of gets what’s happening, though he doesn’t know what we know — which is that this snowball will roll downhill until the time comes when everyone and everything and even every idea and cause is chosen or rejected as a brand.

Initiating Comcast xfinity upgrade in three two one. Welcome to the fastest intent speeds. Delivering you more of what you love — instantly. Welcome to more video, more downloads, and more speed than ever before. Welcome to xfnity. Only from Comcast.

For more than two weeks I listened to this commercial possibly five times a day. The speaker, Jon Hamm, was never seen or referenced. But anyone who watches Mad Men knew the voice and knew it was not the voice of Comcast. We were being pitched by Don Draper, pitchman. Comcast not only admitted its ad was a fantasy — it gave us a peek behind the scenes at the making of it. Made us feel special.

* OK. What do I obviously not get about left-handed scissors?

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