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Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Hack": Dmitry Samarov Is Chicago's Taxicab Salinger (Though He Preferred a Comparison to Tolstoy)

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Medill student Lauren E. Bohn turns in a piece a week on interesting Chicagoans for her broadcast journalism course, and she recently made a video about artist and Reader blogger Dmitry Samarov (a tie winner for Reader's choice as best blogger in 2008).

Chicago's taxi-cab Salinger from Lauren E. Bohn on Vimeo.

Bohn explains:

I saw mention of Dmitry in the blogosophere and was immediately intrigued by the interplay of his art and interactions with the city. He has this wonderful, unique access to human behavior every day. He sees them in transit, at their most mundane hours. Something that struck me that didn't make the video was his constant likening of himself to furniture: "They don't really notice me, I'm just furniture to them. I get them from point A to point B." From this vantage point, he's watched people cry, he's heard them laugh, he's seen them at their most inebriated.

When I asked him to tell me about his favorite passenger, he struggled. It was almost as if I were asking a mother to name her favorite child. He told me the story of one woman with bright yellow rain boots. "She told me I saved her from the storm. I knew she had to be a professor or writer when she told me to drop her off at Goethe street and pronounced it the right way." He said they then proceeded to have a conversation on Sturm and Drang and Romanticism. How great is that?

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