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Monday, February 15, 2010

And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

Posted By on 02.15.10 at 03:52 PM

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It looks like Doom isn't the only performer to piss off his Chicagoland fans this weekend. To judge by a couple of user reviews on our event listing for a Saturday show by 70s heartthrob David Cassidy at the Hemmens in Elgin, dude was not quite in prime shape.

According to jobessteve, Cassidy's performance was a "crime." Even to the crowd he looked fucked up. He botched songs, embarked on a disastrous solo acoustic expedition, and spent 15 minutes of the concert trying to get digits from a gaggle of German chicks.

The entire review after the jump:

The David Cassidy concert was a crime. He was either strung out on drugs or drunk. We are 50 years old and have never seen a performer so wasted that he could not perform. The show was 2 hours long and this is what occured:

He opened with a Prtridge family hit. He ended up singing only 5 songs in the first half of the concert. He never finished 1 song without stopping and talking during the song. He dismisssed the band for an acoustic set by himself. He started a song three times and goofed it up every time. He said he could not see the strings on the guitar because of the lights. After he stopped talking about the lights and why he could not play, he started a completely different song. He didn't even realize he never sang the one song. He must have introduced the band 5 different times during the concert. After the 15 minute intermission, it got worse. It was unbelivable that he would even attempt to perform again. He ended up spending 15 minutes trying to pick up 5 girls from Germany, while 2,000 people watched. He was serious. It was no joke. He spent 5 minutes trying to get a pen and paper so they could write down their information. It had gotten to the point where people were shouting that he should start singing. Every one around us was in shock at what was taking place. I am a female and was a huge fan of the Partridge Family and David Cassicdy. What happened on Feb. 13th was a disgrace and embarrasement. I went to see David to look back on old times and sing along to old memories. What I thought would be a wonderful evening turned out to be one of the most embarrasing & disappointing evenings of my life. I was actually embarrassed for Daivid Cassidy. I hope he can get his life straightened out.

That last line might be completely sincere, but if you're kind of dickish you can read it as a total burn. In which case, ouch.

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