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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

City/Suburban Results of Some Note UPDATED: Now With Rank Statewide Speculation

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XVIII: Okay, bedtime. Takeaway: low turnout, unenthusiastic voters, close races: apathetic polarization? Does that even make sense?

Brady (1.5k lead) and Dillard might switch places while I, and hopefully you, sleep.

Mini-update: DIET WARS! Nightline seems to have gone bonkers since the last time I saw it.

XVII: Kirk Dillard: "In just a few hours, we feel confident the race will be called for us." Ahead: quite possibly. Called? I dunno. His wife has the same birthday as me! Bill Brady's up now. That's it, right? Mini-update: he's a good speaker.

XVI: Pat Quinn: "We have won this election!" He's probably right, but dude is not afraid of jinxing it. Gentlemen, start your election lawyers.

XV: Jesse White is... doing a stump speech? I VOTE FOR BEDTIME.

XIV: Rich Miller has some interesting details on Lake County #s. Gist: up-in-the-air Republican gov primary... even further up in the air. Hey, here's Pat Quinn. We're into the part of the night where the TV reporters are trying to figure out where in the room the candidate is. Having Y2K flashbacks.

XXIII: Hynes: We're going to continue fighting. If he's going to keep fighting past 1am, I should probably just go to bed.

XXII: Brady coming down vis a vis Dillard - if the Chicago/Cook votes keep trickling in it'll be a long night. Judy Baar Topinka has her McCafe and looks prepared to go the distance on the TV. Mini-update: Rich Miller checking up on absentee ballots.

XXI: Chuck Goudie: 245 precincts left to count, all in Chicago & Cook County. Downstate's in. He'll talk recount soon.

XX: You know, it's entirely possible that we could have five gubernatorial candidates in two recounts for both parties. I think that says a lot about where the state is right now. Mini-update: well, maybe four. Groundhog Day: we will see PA and raise them.

IXX: I really shouldn't have used roman numerals

IIXX: Cook County & DuPage are still coming in. Chuck Goudie (on ABC) said there were still a couple hundred precincts to count in the city & county (180) in the city. So: Hynes probably won't catch up, but Dillard could (my guess).

XVIII: So this is interesting: Kirk Dillard didn't win many counties - Scott (162 votes!), Morgan, Sangamon (a whopping 6,540), Menard, Cass, and Boone. Brady seems to have won the most counties. But Dillard did well enough statewide to be running just ahead or behind Brady, depending on when you check the numbers (via Politico's excellent map).

Update XVII: We won't have Jim Ryan to kick around anymore. Carol Marin on NBC just said that if Proft hadn't run, Andrzejewski would be winning. Sounds like a bit of a stretch (Andrzejewski would have to get all of Proft's votes), but: Andrzejewskimentum!

Update XVI: Had to catch the last Grand bus. Anyway, this handy map explains a lot (h/t Capitol Fax). Brady cleaned up downstate.

Update XV: Hoffman conceding. Still trying to figure out where in the state Bill Brady's votes are coming from.

Update XIV: Looking back at statewide polling, Jim Ryan's doing worse than expected, Dillard & Andrzejewski better, Dem races about where you'd expect. Oh, & Bill Brady is surging?

Update XIII: BREAKING NEWS FROM FOX: Bill Ayers voted!

Update XII: Scanning the top 5 counties by population & the city, looks like turnout's hovering around 20%: bit higher in the city, bit lower in the counties. Very close to the ballpark people were predicting earlier.

Update XI: DuPage starting to report useful #s (27%). Rare bright spot for Jim Ryan. Hoffman & Alexi tied, Quinn with slight lead on the D side.

Update X: Will County almost done reporting. McKenna, Hynes, Alexi all with substantial percentage leads, but doesn't add up to many votes.

Update IX: Lake County seems to be done reporting. Big percentage win for Hoffman, but didn't pick up many votes; Hynes & Quinn neck and neck, McKenna up.

Update IIX: More Countyburbs reports (83%). Quinn & McKenna extending leads, Hoffman up 5% over Alexi.

Update VII: Pat Quinn's hanging out at the WBEZ chatroom.

Update VI: Quinn's now up in the city (9% lead, 84% reporting) and county (2% lead, 50% reporting). I really wanted to run the table on races I paid attention to.

Update V: About 50% reporting in Cook Countyburbs. Hoffman maintaining small lead, as is Quinn, w/ McKenna still up; Preckwinkle & Berrios still with big leads in the burbs.

Update IV: 31% reporting in Cook Countyburbs. Hoffman up; Quinn-Hynes Demolition Derby neck and neck, McKenna still up; Preckwinkle & Berrios you can probably guess.

Update III: 78% reporting in the city. Big lead for Preckwinkle, Alexi, decent lead for Quinn; Shaw closing gap on Berrios; McKenna up, Andrzejewskimentum continues.

Efficient statewide results here.

Update II: County 'burbs starting to report (~18%). Big leads for Preckwinkle, Berrios; Hoffman and Alexi neck and neck; slight lead for Hynes, McKenna.

So far the biggest surprise is Andrzejewski. I would not have guessed that the most important endorsement would be from Lech Walesa.

Update: I'm 80% right so far with ~50% reporting:

County Board Prez: Preckwinkle 45.84 %, O'Brien 22.47 %, Brown & Stroger near-tie at 15ish.

Assessor: Berrios 39.50% Shaw 34.96%, Figueroa 25.54 %

Senator: Alexi 36.80%, Hoffman 30.26%, Jackson 26.44%

Gov-D: Quinn 53.89%, Hynes 46.11%

Gov-R: McKenna 26.92%, Andrzejewski (!*) 20.98%, Ryan 20.17%, Dillard 15.89%

[*perhaps the last minute Lech Walesa endorsement is paying off]

(via the Board of Election Commissioners)

County Board Prez: With 19% reporting, Preckwinkle 44.91 %, O'Brien 25.18 %, Brown 15.73 %, Stroger 14.18 %

Assessor: Berrios 41.76 %, Shaw 32.26 %, Figueroa 25.98 %

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