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Friday, November 13, 2009

Lies, Damned Lies, and Night-Game Statistics

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Honestly, I didn't wake up this morning expecting to spend the day sort-of defending Jay Cutler, but justice demands it. David Haugh:

Between now and the evening kickoff Nov. 22 against the Eagles, can the Park District petition to close Soldier Field after dark so the game can be played at noon? We can call it the Cutler Decree.

He is worse at night than a solar watch.

This was mentioned last night during the game or in the aftermath. So I checked his career split stats for day/night QB rating:

09: 80.8/59.9
08: 83.0/103.3
07: 81.9/105.3
06: 93.2/62.3
Career: 83.2/90.5

The problem, clearly, is not that he's bad at night, but that he's bad at night in years divisible by three.

Worth a read: the S-T's Brad Biggs does a fair pick-by-pick analysis of Cutler's very bad night.

Update: Rick Morrissey, in an otherwise reasonable article:

If somebody can explain why he plays poorly in night games, the Bears would love to hear from you. From his four-interception game in Green Bay to his two-interception struggles in Atlanta to Thursday's head scratcher, the guy seems to have an aversion to the darkness. I say this because he has taken to wearing a garland of garlic around his neck.


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