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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Margaret Atwood at Merle Reskin Theatre

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  • George Whiteside
Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood will be at DePaul's Merle Reskin Theatre on Friday, November 6, at 7:30 PM to read from her new dystopian, postapocalyptic novel The Year of the Flood, a companion piece to her 2002 dystopian, postapocalyptic novel, Oryx and Crake.

Atwood's tweeting away while on her tour: she just posted "In airport on way to Chicago, writing strange Tweets."

For her Chicago appearance, Atwood's reading will be supported by actors and singers drawn from the DePaul theater and music schools. The event costs $20, with a portion going to support nonprofit environmental organizations. Tickets available here.

Here's an excerpt from The Year of the Flood:

I remember what the dinner was, that night in the Sticky Zone: it was ChickieNobs. I couldn't deal with meat very well ever since the Gardeners, but Mordis said that the ChickieNobs were really vegetables because they grew on stems and didn't have faces. So I ate half of them.

Then I did some dancing to keep in practice. I had my own Sea/H/Ear Candy, and I sang along. Adam One said music was built into us by God: we could sing like the birds but also like the angels, because singing was a form of praise that came from deeper than just talking, and God could hear us better when we were singing. I try to remember that.

Then I looked in on the Snakepit again. There were three guys from Painball in the Snakepit—ones who'd just got out. You could always tell because they were freshly shaved, with new haircuts, and new clothes too, and they had a stunned look, like they'd been kept in a dark closet for a long time. Also they had a little tattoo at the base of their left thumb—a round circle, red or bright yellow, depending on whether they were Red Team or Gold Team. The other customers were sort of moving back from them, giving them room, but respectfully—as if they were webstars or sports heroes instead of Painball criminals. Rich guys loved to imagine themselves as Painball players. They gambled on the teams as well: Red against Gold. A lot of money changed hands over Painball.

There were always two or three CorpSeCorps guys minding the Painball vets—they could go berserk and do a lot of damage. We Scalies were never allowed to be alone with them: they didn't understand make-believe, they never knew when to stop, and they could break a lot more than the furniture. It was best to get them wasted, but it had to be fast or they'd go into full rage mode.

"I'd bar those assholes myself," said Mordis. "Nothing much human left inside that scar tissue of theirs. But SeksMart pays us a big-time extra bonus when it's them."

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