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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iDon't trust you

Posted By on 10.20.09 at 03:17 PM

News item: "Apple’s Profit Climbs 47% as Sales Gain"

News item: "Apple introduces Magic Mouse — the world's first multi-touch mouse. It was just a matter of time, I guess, but wow. It's basically everything that's wonderful about the iPhone and iPod touch and a multi-touch track pad on a laptop all put into a mouse."

Oh, wait, that's not really a news item. Or an evaluation:

"Although you are right - if it's too small or too uncomfortable, that's a problem. Here's hoping. I look forward to putting it through its paces." Do tell!

People are welcome to be Apple fanboys, but a newspaper blog devoted to being one ("We all know what the Apple stores are. They are places of genius and magic where everything is just cool.") is sort of maddening.

And I'd even say no harm no foul, but - allow me to be a picky power user for a moment - Apple's track record in mice should demand skepticism from all but the most ardently uncritical users. The Mighty Mouse was a terrible piece of crap that most people hated, making it a vast improvement over the iMac puck, which has found its most useful purpose as a coatrack.

Full disclosure: I use a Logitech wireless keyb/mouse set. The mouse does everything that the new Apple mouse does, only with buttons. I don't own a Mac, but my wife does. She has an Air, which is light and beautifully designed, but doesn't dissipate heat very well and slows down when it gets hot. Otherwise it's fine.

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