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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tucker Max fans: They may be stupid, but they're not dweebs

Posted By on 09.17.09 at 12:25 PM

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So when you write something critical about Tucker Max, the queen bee notices and the drones attack, as Eric Zorn and Amanda Hess have discovered.

The Tucker Max cult is a strange one, but I found this illuminating:

A "post-college survival comedian" named Brandon Mendelson wrote a piece for the Huffington Post (natch) called "Everything I Learned About Writing I Learned From Tucker Max." Skip the interview and check out his story about meeting Max:

"I convinced Amanda to come with me for the NYC movie premier of 'I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell,' but I had to warn her that Tucker, or Blonde Dude (the guy in the Youtube videos), might say something she doesn’t like, ask her to do something ridiculous, insult her, or all of the above.

"We were cut off in traffic once in Saratoga, and as this dick yuppie went by, cell phone in one hand, Live Strong bracelet wrapped around the other, he screamed at Amanda while pointing to his head.

"We couldn’t hear what he was saying but he was pissed. I laughed. I thought the guy was explaining he drives like a drunk blind man because his brain is tiny, but Amanda started to cry. Can you blame me for being nervous about her meeting Tucker Max?"

So Mendelson talks his significant other into meeting Tucker Max with the full expectation that he'll call her a whore, or anorexic, or a fat pig. But it has a happy ending!

"I saw Tucker eyeing Amanda. Uh oh. We had a few second to kill, so Tucker says to me

"Tucker Max: 'Is that your girl?'

"I pause, thinking, 'Oh shit. Please don’t burn her. Please don’t burn her.' I answered with a tepid, '… Yeah?'

"Tucker Max: I’m proud of you man, you’re playing above your game.

"I laughed. Noting mentally: Tucker Max 1, Brandon 0."

Phew. Mendelson can be proud of the fact that his girlfriend is sufficiently attractive for Tucker Max, relieved that his request that she go didn't end in her being insulted by his hero followed by a crying breakdown, and satisfied to get the backhanded praise he desires.

Take, for a moment, to consider the thought process involved there. That's why I think it's morbidly funny that Tucker Max site bulletin board users earn "validation points."

Max is very good at reading people like this:

So let's see...beautiful girl, been judged on her beauty all her life, depressed about being rejected from her life goal, completely lost her focus...does anyone else see where this is going? After dinner, we adjourned to a bar next-door called Gigi's and got some cocktails. We were sitting on the couches in the back, when she said to me, "I can't believe I'm doing this. I never drink this much."

Technical issues of consent come up a lot when discussing Tucker Max. I don't have an informed opinion either way. What I find disturbing is using people who are emotionally vulnerable for amusement and sexual gratification.

FWIW, if you're wondering why I even care, Amanda Marcotte explains it better than I can:

"As anyone arguing with misogynists needs to understand, you don’t argue with broken woman-haters in order to change their minds.... Nor are you going to change Tucker Max’s belief that women who have sex deserve to be dumped on. He’s got the same disease, even if it manifests differently. But you should still protest misogyny and push back, because the people who promote it aren’t the only people involved. You have an audience, and you should aim your message at them. "

(h/t Athenae for the image)

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