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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daddy, Who Is That Monster?

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I've been told that the members of Aerosmith are nice guys in real life, but all I've been exposed to are the parts where they're embarrassing grandpas in spandex who won't admit they're older than 25 but strangely enough will admit they're sexually attracted to their own daughters, so I don't know. Maybe I'm out of line to get so much joy from bad things happening to them.

Like this:


Ouch, Joe Perry. I'm not claiming to know the inner workings of Aerosmith's minds, but I imagine that when Joe Perry was asked to back up Katy Perry at the VMAs he thought that a) this would give him something to talk with his grandkids about, and b) he'd be lending some serious rock-star juice to some otherwise lightweight event and, y'know, classing it up a bit.

I really doubt he anticipated that the reaction to his appearance would be a bunch of tweens recoiling in horror at the grim specter of age appearing on their screens, to the point where MTV would find it necessary to issue an explanation to calm them down and assure them that this was an actual celebrity and not a mummy or something.

Bummer, dude. Also: ya burnt.

(via Byron Crawford's Twitter by way of Chris Weingarten's Twitter)

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