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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"The cheese loved you more than you loved it"

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Hearing a restaurant closing announced—which is fairly common these days—is usually pretty sad. Unless the restaurant openly blames its customers for its failure, in which case it becomes highly entertaining.

The excellent passiveaggressivenotes.com recently posted a couple notes from closed restaurants that do exactly that.

  • passiveaggressivenotes.com
I'm not sure why passive-aggressive notes always seem to have terrible grammar, but I've noticed it in many of the other notes collected on the site as well. But what they lack in accuracy they more than make up for in bitterness.

Except for this one, which is both grammatically correct (more or less) AND bitter:

  • passiveaggressivenotes.com

But who knows what these places had to put up with before they closed? They could have had customers like these. Or employees like these. That'd be enough to make anyone bitter.

(Only marginally related but still a great piece is Passive-Aggressive Vegan Grocery Cashier: A Day in the Life from McSweeney's.)

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