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Friday, August 14, 2009

Matador vs. Victory: Beef or Hoax?

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Earlier this week the Austin home of Matador Records honcho Gerard Cosloy burned to the ground. The photo he posted on his blog looked grim.

Yesterday Cosloy posted this screencap of an e-mail allegedly from Tony Brummel, head of Chicago's Victory Records, on his blog:


The image of the bulldog from the Victory logo being sexually assaulted by another dog comes from a 2006 Matablog post from Cosloy regarding Hawthorne Heights' lawsuit against Victory. The "karma" message suggests that whoever sent the e-mail wanted Cosloy to consider his house fire some sort of cosmic payback for dissing on the label. No matter what your opinion of Cosloy happens to be—and a lot of people hate the guy, for a wide variety of reasons—whoever sent that e-mail is undeniably a super-colossal asshole.

There are a number of ways that someone with a bit of computer knowledge can forge the "From:" line in an e-mail; though the message above appears to have come from Brummel's address, that's hardly definite proof that he actually sent it. I called and e-mailed Victory yesterday to ask them whether Brummel sent the e-mail and if he or they would like to comment. If Brummel really did send it, he wasn't bragging around the office—the publicist I talked to hadn't even heard of it, and as I told her the story I felt like I could almost hear her jaw hitting her desk.

I still haven't received a response, and as far as I can tell Victory hasn't issued any sort of press release regarding the situation. The news section on the Victory site doesn't mention it. It's tempting to read into Brummel and Victory's silence on this subject, but the only conclusion I'd feel safe drawing from it is that Brummel sometimes doesn't mind if his already ugly reputation gets a little more tarnished.

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