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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Living in beta

Posted By on 03.12.09 at 12:34 AM

You may have noticed that we have a new homepage. To address some concerns:

It looks great. Or at least better than the old one.

Yes. Yes it does.

Except for this part, which sucks.

That's because it's "in beta."

When will it be out of beta?

When it no longer sucks at all.

X is missing.

I'm probably working on that. We haven't disappeared anything.

The stories and blogs still have the old look.

Working on that.

The blog navigation is different.

Yes, a bit, but the system is still the same. The yellow tags will take you to specific blogs. The URLs are still the same.

I liked the orange.

You are better off without it, in my professional opinion.

What's better about it?

In my opinion: it's less busy, it draws more attention to our features and blogs, the hierarchies are clearer, the pictures are bigger, it doesn't have an automatic rotator. Automated rotators are the tags of the late 00s.

I still like the old one better.

Three months from now you will have forgotten what it looks like - this is the magic of the Internet. Its ahistorical nature makes design fun.

Why did you use that hideous 90s era "under construction" graphic on this post?

Because I'm nostalgic, and I couldn't use it on the homepage.

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