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Friday, March 7, 2008

Commonplace links

Posted By on 03.07.08 at 10:12 AM

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The FASTForward Blog » Getting from Here to There - How Torey Malatia is solving the Innovator’s Dilemma

"Vocalo is the innovation frequency."

Steven Poole: Goodbye, cruel Word

"Scoured of Word, my computers feel clean, refreshed, relieved of a hideous and malign burden. How did it come to this?" / Comment & analysis / Analysis - World-wise web? Finally on the horizon are computers that can reason

"Imagine, for instance, being able to ask a computer, “Where should I go on holiday?” and receiving an answer that is as suitable as anything you could have come up with yourself."

Q&A With 'The Good Rat' Author Jimmy Breslin -- New York Magazine

"Whom do you blame for all the papers’ declining in circulation? YouFace, these things, everybody seems to be looking at them. But newspapers are so boring. How can you read a newspaper that starts with a 51-word lead sentence?"

Backronym - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"A backronym (or bacronym or also retronym) is a phrase that is constructed "after the fact" from a previously existing word or abbreviation, the abbreviation being an initialism or an acronym."

Proceedings of the trial against Galileo Galilei

"In document (a), you can see one of the original interrogations of Galileo Galilei before the Inquisition"

A Chat With George W. Bush’s Conscience | Health Policy | DISCOVER Magazine

"An old-fashioned moralist, he holds some views that are remarkably unfashionable—even premodern. He still employs the term bastard to describe the children of unwed parents, and he has written despairingly about the loss of 'female modesty'"

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