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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A good campaign staff is hard to find

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It's always a bad sign when a presidential candidate's opposition research team is in the news. In an innovative move, Clinton's staff burned Obama by leaking a half-assed research memo, shifting the story from any theoretical wrongdoing by the New York senator to the incompetence of Obama's team. The Tribune is giving a lot of play to the "stupid" memos that tie Clinton (and her husband) to the, um, Indian-American community. Here's more from Talking Points Memo.

Worse, and more embarrassing, was an e-mail sent to reporters that suggested Bill Clinton (who cares?) gave a speech on 9/11 for $100K. Unfortunately, whoever wrote the memo can't tell time.

Leaking your opponent's oppo memo is pretty smooth, and my hat is off to Hillary's team. But picking a tooth-grindingly awful Celine Dion number as your campaign theme song is the total opposite. Shouldn't politics be a lot easier than this?

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