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Monday, January 8, 2007

CJR to Tribune Company: die

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The Tribune Company is compared (and not favorably) to Donald Rumsfeld and told to -- like Rumsfeld -- go away in an editorial in the Columbia Journalism Review. It asserts that the best thing the troubled company can do for the newspapers it owns is to get rid of them. "Good editors will cut costs when it is part of a sensible business plan. But in time Tribune appeared to be simply harvesting the assets of its properties," says CJR. "Tribune has great resources, but those resources aren’t doing much public good. The company seems less than the sum of its parts. And so, like Rumsfeld, it should go. We’ll take our chances with the gaggle of billionaires who are lining up to buy those newspapers." CJR, out east, where no one reads the Chicago Tribune anyway, can afford to be more nonchalant than I am about what happens to that paper -- I'm not aware of any gaggle of Daddy Warbuckses queuing up outside Tribune Tower to bring Chicago more enlightened journalism. But as a comment on what the company has made of itself, the editorial is on the money.

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