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Monday, October 30, 2006

Will Salon break the next bland thing?

Posted By on 10.30.06 at 04:31 PM

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Salon has just started the public-voting phase of its Song Search contest, an open-submission Internet battle of the bands. I like the contest in theory -- I love a good battle of the bands, and it appeals to my "the Internet is free and everybody do a band with your computer" cultural-political slant. The only problem I see with it are the gatekeepers between between the 500 entries recieved and the ten that will be pitted head-to-head: "The sharp music minds behind Brooklyn Vegan, Blissblog, ultragrrrl, Largehearted Boy, Music for Robots, and Tofu Hut[.]"

I could be persuaded to guess that the type of musician who would be amped about entering a song contest on Salon is more likely to play wussy indie rock than, say, doom metal, but if there were any doom metal entries, they aren't likely to get past a group of similarly-opinioned indie-rock bloggers. So what we're ending up with is the average of opinions from a group of people with seriously average tastes. Given that both of the songs in the first showdown feature mournful-yet-also-somehow-naive-sounding female singers, the mathematical average of the six bloggers' tastes equals "Joanna Newsom." The odds of something unique-sounding slipping past them are minute. I got distracted for a second toward the end of the Colorforms track, and when iTunes went into a Corrina Repp song, I didn't even notice. The Caterpillars get filed right before Cattle Decapitation, so at least they didn't have the same problem.

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