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Friday, October 6, 2006

Open mouth, insert foot, chew, and swallow

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  • Just be sure to pick up more than you leave behind.  Openlands Project and the Forest Preserve District are sponsoring a cleanup day along the Little Calumet River, which flows through south suburbs including Calumet City, Harvey, and Blue Island.  (Sign up at 312/863-6253.)  According to the email announcement, "This event is sponsored by McDonald's and participants will receive a free McDonald's lunch!"


  • How hard is it to say, "Less Sports"?  In Minnesota, the Center for School Change, headed by Joe Nathan, reports that last spring the local Star-Tribune newspaper published about six times as much on high-school athletes as on high-school academic stars.  (Sounds like an undercount to me.)  The center and allied groups want the paper (and the electronic media) to do better.  But, writes Nathan, "We're not urging reduced attention to high school sports, just more coverage of students who excel in academics."  Huh?  If they're not urging that, they're not urging anything.  News coverage, like attention in general, is a zero-sum game.


  • Sure, Speaker Hastert will take your call, Mr. Mayor!  Mayor Daley to the Sun-Times:  “If you took the impropriety of every congressman and senator in Washington D.C. [as an excuse to demand resignations], I don’t think anybody would be left.” 


  • Once more with feeling.  Downstate Peoria Republican U.S. Rep. Ray LaHood urges that the Congressional page program be abolished, on CNN: "M. O'BRIEN: Well, that's kind of a sorry state of affairs. In essence, what you're saying is that members of Congress can't be trusted to be around young people.  LAHOOD: Well, that's pretty obvious."

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