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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Let's Discuss--battle of the genders division

Posted By on 08.09.06 at 08:06 AM

In my ongoing quest to intensify the battle of the sexes and/or genders, a few juicy online discussions popped up on the radar Tuesday:


  • Over at feministing, Jessica riffs on a Guardian story and asks what one should call pro-feminist men. One commenter observes that men who actually call themselves "feminists" are, in her experience, "generally the worst of the worst--not only misogynist pigs, but because they consider themselves enlightened, completely uneducatable." Sounds right to me.

  • And at Terra Sigillata, Abel Pharmboy asks whether it would be a good idea for the Hooters franchise near a regular breast-cancer research symposium to do a benefit therefor? (He says it's already done at the corporate level.) I'm already in enough trouble here, so I won't even try to quote from the many astute and amusing comments.

  • Hey, maybe battle of the sexes isn't enough: How about . . . Sharia women-only beach in Italy?  (Article from the Guardian, discussion from feministing once again.) There are more comments than even I can read, but one early commenter has this: "I'm not a Muslim woman, and I'd go to a beach like this . . . if only to avoid obnoxious frat boy types."



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