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Friday, June 30, 2006

Don't make a religion out of food

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Eating local/organic/healthy is a great idea, but devotion to good food as an end in itself does sometimes seem to get out of hand. Beware: Puritanism wore out the Puritans after a couple of generations, and this postmodern Calvinism could go the same way.

If you’re already tired of people expecting you to be painfully cognizant of every consequence of every single choice you make unto the seventh generation, you’ll warm to the inimitable Jessa Crispin's takedown of the new book Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen. She addresses the authors:

“It's like a panel of meat lovers wrote this as a stereotype of what vegetarians would like. It's just so easy, like when you talk about authentic Latin American food and then offer a recipe for portobella mushroom quesadillas as an example and suggest the cook listen to something called 'Love Songs of the Tropics' to set the mood.”

Or as Gene Kahn of Cascadian Farms put it in Steven Shapin’s review of a gaggle of new organic books in the New Yorker last month (no longer on the magazine’s own site but visible here):

“This is just lunch for most people. Just lunch. We can call it sacred, we can talk about communion, but it’s just lunch.”

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