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When shot-on-video horror met the Hot Mix 5

The score to cheapo 80s slasher 555, created by house DJ Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez, gets released for the first time.

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You’re going to be OK
The Mental Health Issue

Download My State of Mind: The Guide Book (PDF) by SocialWorks.

This 20-page section was a special pullout supplement in the October 15, 2020 Chicago Reader.

This content would not be possible without the support of the Chicago Reader partners: Habilitative Systems, Sinai Chicago, Joliet Job Corps and Paul Simon Job Corps, Adler University, Chicago Behavioral Hospital, Thresholds, and Kadima Mental Health Services.

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  • Rag man, rug salesman, drag queen, neo-Nazi—if you lived in Chicago, Grant Pick wanted to hear your story.
  • After nearly 20 years of putting out records without lawyers or contracts, Corey Rusk was forced by one disgruntled band to defend his system in court. The outcome may change the way the underground does business.

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