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Justin Brice Guariglia hopes his Expo Chicago installation We Are the Asteroid II will raise eco-awareness

All the signs of climate change are there. Literally.

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All the best things happen in fall
Here are 22 of them that we’re looking forward to between now and December.

Jessica Hopper’s new book Night Moves pays homage to a bygone era in Chicago—the aughts.

Riot Fest
Ryan Segedi’s snap portraits are a spontaneous expression of the moods and personalities of the artists.

The Young Lords at 50
“We‘re not from Humboldt Park or Lincoln Park, we’re Puerto Ricans.”

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  • The idea took root when he was a boy. The details--that it would stand over 33 feet high, weigh 8,400 pounds, take 15 years to finish, and cost him half a million dollars--came later.
  • British punk cult hero Wreckless Eric plays his first Chicago show in a quarter century.

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