Best Place to Corner an Alderman Who’s Ducking Your Calls 

Between the council chamber and the restrooms

I know this might be a shocker, but some aldermen are incredibly hard to reach. I’ve found that the best way to hunt them down is by showing up at the monthly meetings of the full City Council—and then waiting for them to step off the council floor for a potty break. Council meetings have been known to last up to four hours, and anyone who had a cup of coffee that morning is going to have to hit the john at some point. The restrooms are located just off the lounge behind council chambers, and getting to them requires walking past the press box. So when I spot a particularly elusive alderman headed for the can, I’ll stake out a spot somewhere between the restroom entrance and the door back into council chambers. The alderman can then either talk to me on his or her way back to the floor or mow me over. So far no one’s taken me out.

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Best Place to Corner an Alderman Who’s Ducking Your Calls

Between the council chamber and the restrooms continue

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