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Best Monthly Variety Show That Proves Puppets Are Cool 

Skits, ventriloquism, video projection, and puppetry—oh my!

Skits, ventriloquism, video projection, and puppetry—oh my!

Odds N Friends Dance Video Puppet Jam at Hungry Brain

There's no better blend of old-timey tradition and cool innovation than Odds N Friends, a cartoony, playful, brilliantly strange variety show staged at the Hungry Brain on the first Monday of each month. Skits, ventriloquism, video projection, and puppetry are all part of the mix. The shows often have a unifying theme such as "medical hoaxes" or "hunting," but the creators of Odds N Friends (the team behind plus puppeteer Davey K) aren't ones for conventional storytelling. The hunting-themed show began with obsessive duck-stalking and ended with the hunter marrying his prey while a song equating gay marriage to avian-human bestiality played in the background. Later this summer, Odds N Friends will celebrate the new Total Recall remake with a vaudeville version of the original 1990 film.

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