Best Excuse to Get Painted Up Like a Neon Freak Show 

Blacklight Blackout

When you're looking to get weird late at night, Exit is usually a pretty safe bet. But all bets are off when Blacklight Blackout splatters the club's second floor—basically a chain-linked dancing cage—with free UV-reactive body paint. Resident DJs and rotating guests culled from the underground soundtrack a nightmarish postapocalyptic party scene featuring radioactive freaks clutching neon glow sticks and ubiquitous PBR tallboys, and plenty of exposed painted skin to keep your eyes entertained. Watch out for oddball animal costumes, and don't block the shots of the party photographers documenting drunken make-out sessions. And try as you might, it's going to be tough to stay sober enough to win raffle prizes before the harsh florescent reality sets in at 4 AM.

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