In Rotation: Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive on Ma$e, Too $hort, and E-40 

Plus: Miles Raymer on Scott Walker, MC Tree on Lucille Bogan, and more

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Tree, Chicago "soul trap" MC, what he's obsessed with. His answers are . . .

Four kings onstage This first video is a small clip from a larger piece that's also searchable on YouTube. It shows a moment in history lost forever in the form of legendary singers and performers—the best, I might add. Michael Jackson, B.B. King, James Brown, and Prince live onstage at the Beverly Center in LA back in 1983. Seeing that three two of these individuals are dead now, I felt an undeniable attachment to the legacy they left behind. This video was definitely worth a glimpse and/or mention.

The first music video ever? After doing much investigation (well, not too much—just Google and YouTube) I think I may have uncovered the world's first and oldest actual music video. This footage shows what I think to be somewhat famous Sioux Indians dancing, drumming, and performing on camera in 1894. The music video has definitely come a long way!

Music from the 1930s that would get a parental advisory label now Trying to come up with something noteworthy for this article, I went back and found a song that I'd previously discovered on YouTube, Lucille Bogan's "Shave 'Em Dry"—which is probably one of the most surprising items I've ever come across. Her raunchy jargon would fit right in with current-­day abrasive music in any genre, but this song was recorded and released to the masses in 1935, when American women had only had the right to vote for 15 years and black people in general were widely disenfranchised. So this video really shook me to the core. I don't know if I was bothered by this vid or just ridiculously intrigued. Take a listen and tell me if I'm trippin' or did she really just say that?

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