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In Rotation: Arriver guitarist Dan Sullivan on Duran Duran 

Plus: Reader music editor Philip Montoro on the indomitable Staff Benda Bilili, Lovely Little Girls bassist Alex Perkolup on "one of the most impressive studio tans of the early 70s"

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Dan Sullivan, guitarist and vocalist for Arriver and Rabid Rabbit, what he's obsessed with. His answers are . . .

Jamul's cover of "Tobacco Road" The opening track on Jamul's self-titled 1970 album is a cover of "Tobacco Road," which seemingly everyone covered back then, but holy shit does their version smoke. Lead singer Steve Williams has a voice that sounds like John Fogerty gargling gravel, the guitars are just as dirty, and the harmonica wail in the bridge predates Zep's "When the Levee Breaks" (and hits just as hard). "Valley Thunder," an original from the same album, is also good hard 70s rock. Find them on YouTube.

Andy Summers's lead on "Mother" I recently noticed that Andy Summers's awesome lead on Synchronicity's "Mother" is nearly a note-for-note rip of Robert Fripp's solo on "Golden Hours" from Brian Eno's classic Another Green World. They were pals and made records together, so I figure this was on the up-and-up. Maybe Summers's solo on "Miss Gradenko" is better, but it's a tough call.

Duran Duran, "The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)" Speaking of Eno, Duran Duran's very Eno-esque track "The Chauffeur (Blue Silver)" was stuck on repeat in my truck last week. I despised this band when I was a kid because I (correctly) assumed it was music for 13-year-old girls, but it's actually held up quite well—and that song in particular is really fucking cool. The harmonized flutes are a nice touch.

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