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Re: “Governor Rauner's Democratic allies roll a Trojan Horse into town

>In contrast, Governor Rauner approved the $100 million in tax subsidies Quinn had proposed for a handful of businesses in Illinois.<

I'm confused: wasn't EVERYTHING that Quinn did bad for Illinois, accordin' to Rauner? Guess not when it comes to some folks. You'd think he'd want to share the sacrifice, by tellin' those businesses they weren't gonna get those subsidies. Guess not, again. Silly me!

Posted by thermaljohn on 05/10/2015 at 9:47 AM

Re: “Charter school teachers fight to unionize, and to win over Rahm

>In contrast, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the former CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, has a deal that guarantees she'll receive her full $250,000-a-year salary until her contract runs out later this year—even though she stepped down recently amid a federal investigation into the awarding of a $20.5 million no-bid contract to a company she used to work for.

This is all to improve eduction for our children, of course.

As Rauner has reminded us, it's a basic economic principle that good pay attracts top talent.

Yet somehow it doesn't apply to charter schools and the teachers they want to recruit and retain. It's as if the bosses at Microsoft decided to challenge Amazon by paying its engineers less and making them work more.

Not surprisingly, many charter schools have trouble holding on to their teachers for more than three or four years.<

We've been hearing this tired little phrase 'good pay attracts top talent' for decades. As Ben points out, it only seems to apply to upper level, never Joe Forklift and his like. Well, before anyone defends it, let me point out that some of the recent (and past) recall stories involving GM, Honda (Takata), Toyota, Mitsubishi, and other automakers involve very highly paid people who underperformed at their jobs (and many were canned, as they should have been, for not doing what they should have done instead of trying to cover their asses).

And now we have Byrd-Bennett under investigation for what should have been glaringly obvious, a conflict of interest in image if not in reality, the Aramark screw-up, and another, "oops, we made a math mistake" from the CPS, another bunch of highly paid top talent.
Is a theme starting to emerge here? I think so.

Posted by thermaljohn on 05/10/2015 at 9:08 AM

Re: “It's getting harder to snicker at Obamacare

Garry Meier likes to give prizes to people who caption Stantis' cartoons: I'd say they deserve prizes just for having to see one. MikeR

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Posted by thermaljohn on 04/25/2014 at 10:31 AM

Re: “I Am Woman, Hear Me Meow

It seemed to me from the beginning that the reviewer had an agenda to pitch, and that it had less to do with Minaj' deficiencies on this album and more to do with the idea that, if she ISN'T busting balls, cutting balls and dicks off and eating pussy, she isn't 'real'.

Posted by thermaljohn on 05/25/2011 at 7:12 PM

Re: “Letters & Comments, August 27, 2009

Why is Mayor Daley so upset with media figures coming out against his Olympics plan?
I think I have an answer to that, and I wonder why no one else has recalled what I'm about to relate (at least, I've not seen it mentioned yet).

Speaking of events that could raise Chicago to a 'world-class' reputation, back during the days of Jane Byrne, the 'Indy Car' people came to the city with a proposal to put on a street course race, possibly on and around Lake Shore Drive. It would have been similar to races in California, Canada, and Monaco - or it may have been a course laid out on an airport, like Meigs Field. The promoters showed a plan to the Byrne administration that would have put the financial burden on the race promoters, not the city - in other words, it would likely have been profitable. I don't have the details here in front of me as I write, but what I do remember is what happened after the news came out.

Mike Royko got wind of it. And proceeded to ridicule the idea, and racing in general, so thoroughly, that it apparently influenced Byrne to drop the whole idea. Whether she did so because of Royko's comments is hard to say; but I wonder if Daley remembers that, and is determined that no media figure in this city quash his idea. Now, I recall this on a personal level, because Royko's comments on that race proposal made that column of his the last one I ever read - I thought, being a long time motorsports fan, that I'd see a world class open wheel race in Chicago, and on a street course, to boot! Oh, well ..

Posted by thermaljohn on 08/29/2009 at 11:46 AM

Re: “Savage Love, August 13, 2009: George Sodini Got Advice From the Wrong Guy


I'm in my 40s and straight. My wife of nine years is no longer interested in sex. Period. She relents every few weeks, but it's never enjoyable for either of us. As a result, I haven't had a blow job in about eight years, I can't touch her beautiful tits, kissing is without tongue, and our rare sex is missionary and in the dark. I'm miserable.

I believe she's depressed. She refuses to get help, saying that if only I would do this or that, she'd be more willing. But I do this and that, and she's still not interested. After a lot of talking, she suggested that I find a girlfriend. However, she set conditions that were unrealistic: she wanted to meet and approve of her before I slept with her; and I could only see this other person late at night, with the wife's permission, which would only be granted after all other family obligations were satisfied (kids in bed, bills paid, trash taken out, etc). I preferred a "don't ask, don't tell" approach. She then withdrew the idea entirely. I proceeded to meet and sleep with several different women anyway, and I'm now seeing one regularly. Sex is enjoyable again.

My question: I know that people would say I am cheating on my wife, but am I wrong to feel just as cheated by her? —Need Some Answers



Dan, I am SO glad you gave this straightforward answer. I have always wondered why no one else could have seen this clearly: people who marry know full well, unless they have made some 'arrangement' beforehand, that sex is part of the relationship. Yet, no one considers it equally cheating for one partner in the relationship to hold sex away from the other. And the nerve of this mans' wife - she wants to 'meet and approve' of his outside woman? This guy has to be one of the most tolerant, forgiving people breathing -- I know guys who will go right out and buy some pussy if their wives/girlfriends/significant others turn them down, and think nothing of it! This woman is deliberately abusing her husband, but you'll never see her condemned for this on the ten-o-clock news. But guess what would happen if he got caught with a hooker?

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Posted by thermaljohn on 08/21/2009 at 7:07 PM

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