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  • The Prophet Kahlil Gibran's beloved spiritual guidebook gets an unlikely big-screen treatment from indie producer Salma Hayek and Disney writer-director Roger Allers (The Lion King, Beauty and … Landmark's Century Centre
  • The Kid The most Dickensian of Chaplin's features (1921), with a Victorian street atmosphere and a sentimentality to match. Still, the scene in which Charlie searches the … Northbrook Public Library
  • The Killing Arguably Stanley Kubrick's most perfectly conceived and executed film, this 1956 noirish thriller utilizes an intricate overlapping time structure to depict the planning and execution … Gene Siskel Film Center
  • Kinosonik #3: Industry, Design & Experimentation Live music and sound performances synced with experimental short films. Featured films include László Moholy-Nagy's Black White and Gray (1930) and Len Lye's Rhythm (1957). Black Cinema House





  • Oslo, August 31 Norwegian writer-director Joachim Trier has a genuine feel for the inexplicable despair of the young and gifted: his feature debut, Reprise, showed a talented novelist … Univ. of Chicago Doc Films


  • Pandora and the Flying Dutchman Set in a small Spanish town, this 1951 drama by Albert Lewin stars Ava Gardner as a temptress who's content to break men's hearts until … Music Box
  • Paper Towns This ambitious teenpic begins in the vein of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, as a rebellious high school senior (Cara Delevingne) recruits the shy boy next … Crown Village 18
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure Paul Reubens's Pee-wee Herman act is very close to the kind of deliberately juvenile humor Andy Kaufman was doing just before his death, with the … Music Box
  • People Places Things A recently divorced dad deals with being single, raising young daughters, and pursuing his career as a graphic novelist. James C. Strouse directed this drama; … Gene Siskel Film Center
  • Phoenix Century 12 and CineArts 6
  • Phoenix Mutilated by the Nazis, a Jewish concentration camp survivor (Nina Hoss) undergoes reconstructive surgery that renders her unrecognizable; when she tracks down her beloved gentile … Music Box
  • Pixels Adam Sandler stars as a onetime arcade champion who puts his talents to good use when extraterrestrials attack the earth with giant versions of 80s … Crown Village 18
  • Pixels 3D Adam Sandler stars as a onetime arcade champion who puts his talents to good use when extraterrestrials attack the earth with giant versions of 80s … Crown Village 18
  • PlantPure Nation Century 12 and CineArts 6




  • Takin' Place Cyrus Dowlatshahi, an Iranian-American from Hyde Park, directed this 2014 documentary about the Englewood and Washington Park neighborhoods. Loosely structured, it interweaves profiles of different … Gene Siskel Film Center
  • Tangerine This rollicking indie comedy takes place among the hookers of West Hollywood on Christmas Eve, a time for peace on earth and good will toward—bitch, … Music Box
  • Ted 2 The tasteless teddy bear (given voice by writer-director Seth MacFarlane) and his emotionally retarded human pal (Mark Wahlberg) return for more snarky laughs in this … the Vic
  • Theory of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents "There is no true story of the Residents," reads an onscreen epigram from Simpsons creator Matt Groening in this documentary about the experimental band and … the Vic
  • To Fool a Thief This Argentinean take on the continental thriller doesn't just wear its influences on its sleeve, it practically wears them on its forehead: one character parades … Chicago Cultural Center
  • Torrent Greta Garbo's first American film (1926) finds her impregnable persona already established. In the same sort of romantic melodrama that would later become her specialty, … Pickwick
  • Trainwreck For this much-hyped collaboration, TV comedian Amy Schumer and producer Judd Apatow stick closely to the formula of his megahit Bridesmaids (2011): a standard rom-com … Century 12 and CineArts 6, Davis, Ford City, Logan, River East 21, Showplace ICON and Webster Place 11
  • Turbo Kid This debut feature from Canadian filmmaking collective RKSS pays tribute to post-apocalyptic action fantasies of the 1980s. Chicago Filmmakers



  • Vacation Rusty Griswold, the son in National Lampoon's Vacation (1983), is all grown up now, and because fate is cruel, he's turned into Ed Helms. This … the Vic



  • Zipper Mora Stephens directed this drama about a successful federal prosecutor and seemingly devout family man whose infidelities threaten his professional and personal lives. Mora Stephens … Facets Cinematheque

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