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Chinese-Korean joint known for its Hot and Saucy Chicken Wings.
Cantonese-Mandarin Chinatown restaurant.
Quick-service restaurant serving Koji BBQ-inspired Korean tacos and Korean BBQ "banh mi."
North-side Korean barbeque.
Quick-serve restaurant offering Korean-style fried chicken, plus bi bim bop, mandoo, salads, sandwiches, and Korean "burritos."
Niced-up starter Korean food in a stylish setting.
Chicago's oldest Korean restaurant, still venerated for its buckwheat noodles and "stone pan cooking."
Ruler of the roost for after-hours Korean.
Simple Japanese and Korean food in Andersonville.
Japanese-Korean-run barbecue where the panchan are little milder, the beef is a little leaner, and the whole experience is a little more refined than at your typical kalbi place.
Authentic Korean down to the reputed health foods.
Chicago's most satisfying live-coal Korean barbecue experience.
New Japanese-Korean restaurant from the people formerly behind Andersonville's Hama Matsu. One specialty of the house is rolls custom-made to the tastes of the customer.
Authentic Korean, including a number of relatively obscure items. Closed the last Sunday of every month.
Lakeview Chinese restaurant offering a few Chinese-Korean dishes tweaked to suit the neighborhood.
19 total results