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  • Nov 18-24, 2004
  • Vol. 34, No. 8

Arts & Culture


  • Night Spies

    This week at: Jackhammer

News & Politics

  • Our Town
  • Second Movement

    If Kris Lenzo hadn't lost his legs in a trash compactor, he'd never have become a dancer.
  • Snips

  • Sports
  • Low Expectations

    The Chicago Bulls humbly request another year of patience. They might be worth it.
  • Essay
  • Property Tax Roulette

    A local activist got the bright idea to check out how tax bills for local officials looked this year. Turns out the pols are as good a random sample as any to show how wack the system is.
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Food & Drink


  • Movie Review
  • Flipping the Script

    When he was heralded as the latest Miramax wunderkind in 1997, Troy Duffy's pals started making a documentary about him. By the end, it had become a chronicle of his spectacular flameout.