• Issue of
  • May 30 - Jun 5, 1991
  • Vol. 20, No. 33

News & Politics

  • How Monkeys Make Up

    These Parts/Many ethologists have studied the way primates fight. In Madison, Wisconsin, Frans de Waal studies what they do next.
  • Crinoid Story

    These Parts/Those petrified Cheerios that wash up on beaches in the Dunes--they're the fossilized remains of prehistoric marine animals, and they have a tale to tell.
  • The Great Silence

    These Parts/At Saint Gregory's Abbey near Three Rivers, Michigan, 11 men live according to the rule of Saint Benedict. Visitors are welcome.
  • Lewis and Mr. Black

    These Parts/Lewie Faustino, 26, has an old Camaro and a thing about John Lennon. Mr. Black, 83, is a retired union man who once met Nelson Rockefeller. They're friends.
  • Cd City

    These Parts/Terre Haute, Indiana, is home of one of the biggest compact-disc factories in thew world. Wipe your feet.

Arts & Culture

  • Milwaukee Ballet's Success Story

    Does the Milwaukee Ballet have a thing or three to teach Chicagoans? Pictured are adman Robert Meyer, PR and marketing exec Dana Moore, and artistic director Dane LaFontsee.