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  • The Making of a Hellhole

    Mental Health in a Sorry State: Henry Horner Children's Center, opened with such enthusiasm 16 years ago, stands today as a case study on the devastating impact politics can have on the ability of state-run institutions to operate therapeutically.
  • Hashers

    A Drinking Club With a Running Problem
  • The Rise and Fall of the Mound People

    The ancient mounds of Cahokia constitute the largest earthworks in the Western hemisphere. You'd think something this hard to miss would be easier to figure out.
  • Ted Levine is not a bad guy.

    But you wouldn't know it from the roles he's played. From a small-time hood in Crime Story to a psychopathic murderer in The Silence of the Lambs, his acting career has been a parade of nasty characters.
  • It Ain't Chopped Liver

    The Morry's Story: How Gary Orman and a Band of Thai Guys Built the Family Deli Into a Food-Service Empire
  • The Inner Life of a Psycho Killer

    A Conversation With Forensic Psychiatrist Carl Wahlstrom, One of the Expert Witnesses Who Interviewed and Evaluated Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Chiropractors vs. AMA

    Thanks to an important legal victory and changing attitudes among young MDs, chiropractors are beginning to get some respect--but old ideas die hard.
  • The Spirit of Black Hawk

    These Parts: How did a stubborn Indian warror from western Illinois become a saint in the churches of New Orleans?
  • It's a Living

    Nick Mayer was born at Rosehill Cemetary. He figures he may as well die there.
  • Trace Evidence

    These Parts--Illinois archaeologists find themselves in a 3,000-year-old rut.