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  • There It Is, Right on Page 19

    Almost all the vendors who got paid out of the Pilsen TIF last year are donors to the Daley and Solis campaigns.
  • Beast in the East

    In Moscow's Exile, hard news jumps in bed with misogyny and mayhem.
  • The N-Word and How To Use It

    It's what blacks have always done since we hit America's shores: we take what's given us and we find a way to make it our own.
  • Lost Innocents

    When kidnapping threw our small town into a tailspin, I felt an odd guilt because I knew my own life was suspect.
  • Dial M for Motherfucker

    With its Swearline, the arts collective Lucky Pierre found that if you invite people to curse, the abuse will pour in.
  • Among the Missing

    In mourning for our dead, we sometimes get angry at them for leaving us. Other times we forget they're gone. Often we're confused. Our wounds are as big as our hearts.
  • Politics: The Welfare Fraud

    Whenever the subject of welfare arises, an eerie forgetfulness takes hold of politicians. Why doesn't anyone ever call them on it?
  • Reading: Back of the Yards

    Bloody, boozy, and blatantly political, it was in many ways the quintessential Chicago neighborhood.
  • Reading: Strunk & White, Language Police

    "Write naturally," advises White. But he and his professor and their poisonous little book and their legion of devotees virtually ensure that it will not happen.
  • First Person: The Man From Elsewhere

    For 20 years I have referred sometimes to Jerzy and sometimes to Kosinksi, two individuals who occupied the same space but were, in fact, quite distinct.
  • Reading: Children of the Void

    Inspired, terrified, hypnotized by punk, Greil Marcus sets off in search of its antecedents--people who took up the Big No and attacked the world with it.
  • Local Color: Girls Will Be Girls

    They parade into the restaurant, heels spiking, garters flashing, shrink-wrapped hips swaying in the night. "Those are hookers!" I exclaim, proud of my perceptive powers.
  • Reading: Exterior Decoration

    If bronze and stone were no more substantial than the status of artists in this city, the public sculptures of Lorado Taft would have crumbled long ago.
  • The Schools Scam

    Under the TIF system millions of dollars in property taxes are being diverted from education to development.
  • Public Funds, Private Windfall

    The deal's all but sealed: tax revenues meant for the public good will fund a face-lift for tax-exempt Loyola.
  • Reading: Union Buster Tells All

    "The only way to bust a union," writes the repentant Marty Levitt, "is to lie, distort, manipulate, threaten, and always attack..."