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  • Please Shoot Me

    Hey Cupid, over here! Please? Pretty please?
  • Good-bye to All That

    Zombies in the street, Polish nightclubbers in sweater-vests, and group gropes at Red-I--those were the days.
  • Hot Girl-on-Girl Action

    Because there's nothing better than dancing with a foxy lady (or two) when you're down and out.
  • Dick Lit

    Ad execs Michael and Tim Burke have conveniently catalogued all the creepy shit every guy should try to get away with beforehe marries the harpy who's destined to emasculate him.
  • Hey, Thanks for the Fetus

    An other mysteries of the mailbag
  • Packages From a Pack Rat

    Marc Fischer turns nine years' worth of correspondence from Parisian artist Bruno Richard into an intriguing art exhibit. Plus: a drummer to love.
  • Shopping: the Antidrug

    High on Handbags, Bowling, and Dirty Dancing
  • The Little Art Fair That Couldn't Quite

    Why these things shouldn't be egalitarian. Plus: nakeds against nanotech and a good old-fashioned Toledo catfight.
  • It Doesn't Have to Involve Food

    When performance art is good, it can be transcendent.
  • It's What's on the Outside That Counts

    Trying not to throw up at the Chicago Esteem Makeover. Plus: backstage with (but mostly without) Velvet Revolver.
  • Bat 'Em if You Got 'Em

    Where better to test out your newly permed eyelashes than at a lesbian lit party?
  • License to Amuse

    Sounds like it ought to be easier to come by, doesn't it?
  • The Power of Fabulous Thinking

    Meet Raphael de Charles: muse, actor, model, fashion designer, makeup artist, master of self-invention.
  • Why I Won't Like Mondays

    Mod's closing leaves a sleek ovoid hole in the social calendar. Plus: call the Donald--there's a turd in Gary with his name on it.
  • The Crafty Protester

    In which our heroine quits bitching and starts stitching.
  • Hug It Out

    Taking darshan with Indian holy woman Amma
  • The Story of Ow

    Happy the Human Pincushion thinks the world would be a better place if we'd all just shove more spears through our faces.
  • I Something Chicago

    Pissing, moaning, and self-fulfilling prophecy at Van Harrison Gallery's last show in the second city.